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Bed linens

The Patriot company offers you high-quality bed linen of domestic production from Ivanovo. Modern sets are made from a wide variety of fabrics - from simple cotton, linen to exclusive, newest fabrics. Such bed linen has the advantageous characteristics: hygroscopicity, strength and smoothness, as well as properties such as warming and cooling, which have a positive effect on human skin. Going to sleep in bed, a person will experience pure pleasure and comfort from quality and coziness.

Description of our lingerie

Our linen breathes well and absorbs sweat; it is thick enough and durable enough to withstand occasional washing; fabric dyes do not cause allergies. We make linen from a single piece of fabric, which makes them stronger. All the materials in our kits are pleasant to the touch and the paint is resistant. You can verify the stability of the dye by rubbing vigorously on the front of the laundry with your hand. The label of a quality product contains information about the manufacturer, the composition of the fabric, the size of the set, as well as recommendations for the care of the laundry.

The fabrics we use

  • Calico is an inexpensive, durable and easy-care material. It has many positive properties such as: ecological cleanliness, hygiene, excellent preservation of the pattern for many years, does not wrinkle. And also has a sufficient margin of safety and amazing durability of the material.
  • Poplin is soft and pleasant to the touch, yet strong enough. Long staple cotton fibers are used. Bed linen acquires the following properties: high strength (a high-quality set can withstand more than a thousand washes), density, smoothness, tenderness, heat retention, softness, Pleasant sensations upon contact, lightness, the material does not allow fluff and feathers from sleeping sets.
  • Satin - satin linen is resistant to wear and tear (200-300 washes), breathes well, absorbs moisture. Satin almost does not wrinkle and does not fade during washing, has a light silky sheen. This is one of the most expensive cotton fabrics, but much cheaper than silk. Technologically, satin is made by double weaving natural cotton threads, in connection with which the fabric has the right to be called environmentally friendly.
  • Polysatin is a thin, smooth, pleasant to the touch fabric, which, like satin, is often used when sewing bed linen. Such linen is easy to wash, dries quickly, and since it does not wrinkle, does not require ironing and steaming. It has an attractive appearance and high performance, the material is much cheaper than satin and the like.

Working since 2010, we have managed to accumulate enough positive feedback from both long-term and large customers. We always work according to GOST, achieve high quality indicators and offer the lowest prices in Russia. We have developed payment methods that allow you to easily order both retail and wholesale of your chosen kits. We work with different courier companies, you can order delivery in any way convenient for you. All positions presented on the site are always available. We offer free shipping for bulk orders.