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Swan's down pillow

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Материал: ТИК 100% полиэстер
  • 245 ₽

Минимальная сумма заказа 5 000 рублей.

Filler: Swan's Down

Product weight: 50 * 70-0.8 kg .; 60 * 60 - 0.8 kg.; 70 * 70 - 1.1 kg.

Cover fabric: TEC 100% polyester

Cover weight: 95 g / m2

Finish: edging

Packing: PVC bag (bag + 50 rubles or vacuum packing + 7 rubles)

The colors in the assortment may differ from the presented photo

Pillow sizes: Цена: Qty:
50х70 245 ₽
60х60 245 ₽
70х70 305 ₽

Product description

Features of synthetic fluff

During the production of this padding, polyester fibers are twisted into fine spirals and treated with silicone. Outwardly, they really resemble bird fluff, which is why they got this name. Thanks to this method of creation, the material received a number of properties:

  1. Softness and elasticity at the same time, the ability to restore shape. A headrest with such a filler will not break into lumps and will not cause inconvenience. True, it is recommended mainly for those who sleep on their stomach - for sleeping on your back, it is better to use a more rigid option.
  2. Hypoallergenic. Synthetics do not contain microenvironments for the development of fungi or dust mites.
  3. The ability to keep warm, which is especially important in our changeable climate. It is comfortable to sleep on a pillow with swan down, even in winter. It is no coincidence that such a filler was originally intended for insulating clothing and footwear of astronauts.
  4. During storage, the product filled with artificial down does not take up much space, it is easily packed in a vacuum bag. Plus, it stays lightweight so you can take it with you even when traveling.
  5. Foreign odors are not absorbed, which may be unpleasant or simply interfere with sleep.
  6. Ease of use and durability: any thing with synthetic padding will withstand a large number of wash cycles, dries quickly, the filler does not get confused with lumps.

Among other advantages, the availability of such headrests should be noted. They are usually inexpensive, but they are of good quality and last long.

A little about the shortcomings

The disadvantages of synthetic down are usually that it does not absorb moisture (that is, it can be hot on the pillow). In addition, the material does not allow air to pass through. Another point is that bedding with this type of padding builds up static electricity. However, this disadvantage can be easily overcome by washing the product with a special product.

"As the bed is, so is the dream," says a Russian proverb.

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